“You helped me find the courage to leave my abusive relationship

Sorry for the emotional shit but you really helped me find the courage to leave my abusive relationship after five years. Thank you for sharing your breadth of knowledge with the world.

— Lewis


“Words can't describe how much you've inspired me”

Before Soul Study with Shelah my healthy coping skills were very limited. I often felt powerless against negative thoughts, anxiety, and depression. It seemed like life was just happening to me. Soul Study with Shelah opened my eyes to the myriad of healthy coping mechanisms available to me. Soul Study with Shelah is an invaluable resource. I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend this course to anyone who is interested in self improvement.

— Courtney Spikes

If role model was a good enough phrase I would call you that, but I feel like you've helped me as a young woman in more ways than a role model ever could.

— Tyla Monee Jones


Practical bite sized ways to meditate that will completely change my life

I took the #SoulStudySeries Course thinking I was just going to learn how to mediate, but ended up learning how to be human. You gave practical bite sized ways to meditate that will completely change my life.  I am looking forward to my total healing and creating my life by doing some SERIOUS DAYDREAMING and its all because of you. I can't wait to see what you offer next! 

Maranda Ratclif

“A true gift to myself.”

Taking this course has been a true gift to myself ! Soul Study with Shelah is a place where I have learned about self love and healthy lifestyle habits. Her mediation lessons are truly life changing! Cant wait to sign up for the next session!

 Candice Jackson



“A gift.”

I believed that I knew about meditation and the benefits but I lacked the discipline to make time for myself in this way. In addition to Shelah radiating awesomeness I received a gift I didn't know would prove to be so beneficial to my meditation life, community. Through fellowship with the other members what seemed like larger than life circumstances have shrunk tremendously and I now have strength in the parts of my life where it was needed most.

Courtney McNeal

“Transformative. Encouraging."

You have been transformative, encouraging, and a space for positivity in my world where I really wasn't able to find any. On days when I would sit in bed and just CRY, literally all day, and my phone would Ding, and then I'd log on to periscope, and feel uplifted and apart of something positive.

— Shani Campell

Don't take their word for it..