Brown Girl Depression

As a youth, I saw my mom self-medicate with anti-depressants and it made her a zombie. The irony of emotions is that you can't mute just one emotion. Pills don't suppress just one emotion, they suppress them all. 

Depression is a learned behavior. Once I moved to New York and lived with other roommates, I recognized some of this behavior in myself. I never wanted to talk to anyone. I gained a healer at that time named Audrye Arbe who introduced me to meditation. I found meditation to be the only thing that made a major difference in my ability to be happy.

Black women wear a coat of armor. Our culture is given a strong connotation of "get it together." When depressed, we do things like go out for drinks with our girls, try to cope on our own, or just attempt to get it over it. When we discover that those methods don't work for us, we instantly start to feel like something is wrong with us which results in us experiencing depression in silence. 

Brown Girl Meditation

People always tell black girls to "go to church" when they become unsettled with themselves. Although this is in no way putting a negative connotation on church, I do believe that relying only on church results in us giving away our personal power. We lose the drive to become an addition to our prayer in healing ourselves. 

Meditation helps you to gain that personal power that gives you a direct connection to your higher power. Your higher power is not only outside of you, but also inside. Meditation allows you to access guidance, encouragement, inspiration, and a deeper connection within yourself. 

Self Love

If people loved themselves more, there would be no war or violence. The more you love yourself, the more you can receive love from others. Self-love is a revolution. You can not have peace outside if you don't have peace inside. When you lack the peace within, you begin to reject others around you. Self- love means healthy relationship, healthy parenting, healthy eating, and overall healthy you.



This would consist of a three-hour workshop where we will work together on very specific meditation and personal development techniques that I personally use. We will also create personal affirmations and I will lead in meditation and breathing techniques.