Create Your Mate

A digital course designed to create healthier, happier relationships


Anything that you want to be good at, you have to learn the techniques and work hard at it. This course breaks down, demystifies, and helps you to personally decide what it is you want from a relationship and how to attract those specific characteristics into your life.

I can promise anyone who takes this course and does the work will have more loving, healthy, fulfilling relationships -- starting with themselves.

This course is for anyone who is:

  1. In a relationship, but feel that it could be better
  2. Not in a relationship, dedicated to finding a serious, committed partner to spend their life with

This four-week digital course includes:

  • Four MP3 discussion units, one for each week, that build on the previous week in order to make massive change. 
  • Three MP3 guided meditations that are specifically created to compliment the discussion and worksheets.
  • Three Create Your Mate worksheets that are designed to compliment the discussion unit. 
  • A private Facebook group with other members for deeper discussion and impact.