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I am a performer, host, and meditation enthusiast. I earned my Master's degree in Performance Studies at Tisch School of the Arts in New York. My passion is creating and telling stories. I've learned that stories we tell about ourselves and the world are very important. They are building blocks to how we experience life, the way we feel about the world, and the way we feel about ourselves. The thing I love most about performing is the healing process. People cry at the theater - they get angry, sad, and vulnerable. I found meditation to be my ultimate healer throughout my journey to happiness, self-love, love of others, and overall womanhood. 

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Soul Study with Shelah was started based on the things I used to personally heal myself. I didn't know other people would be interested. Nonetheless, I started sharing my journey on social media along with books, meditation and any other resources I found helpful. Once I realized that people became interested in this, I decided to give it much more structure. I began to conduct live Periscope broadcasts of Soul Study where I would present a topic, go into a more in-depth simplification, and lead the viewers in a meditation to compliment the discussion. This truly is where Soul Study began to take off. 

I share things that work for me. I strongly reject being called an "expert." Honestly, I am just obsessed with growth and personal development. This obsession is anchored in meditation, but I use any creativity from anywhere as inspiration. I believe that meditation is the quiet that people need in order to hear themselves. You can never heal if you don't know what's going on inside your mind. 

Soul Study with Shelah is targeted towards women of color between the ages of 18 and 35 who: 

  • Suffer from low self-esteem
  • Struggle with accepting their body
  • Battle with gaining access to their personal power
  • Crave the ability to grow and forgive themselves
  • Need guidance in moving through difficult emotions
  • Desire to become aware of their belief systems

Soul Study with Shelah is intended to:

  • Help you identify and connect with your mission/passion
  • Provide a community for deeper exploration and personal growth
  • Provide you with a continued, creative, diverse base of knowledge for you to use in you personal development quest
  • Give you the structure you need to change your thinking and behaviors




Informative, topic-based discussion accompanied by multiple references and resources for personal use. (Username: Shelah Marie)


Bite-sized inspiration and encouragement, behind-the-scenes of Soul Study with Shelah, and the day-to-day life of Shelah Marie. Username: Shelah Marie


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